Reiners Contemporary Art, Marbella/Spain

In his show „Welcome to the Jungle“, Marco Zumbé is presenting his latest screenprint-paintings. They deal with the question of the original and its technical reproduction in art. He starts with a concise, gestural composition of various lines, that he transfers to differently painted backgrounds using the screen printing process. As a result one can see a series of duplications of a single motif, that, however, results into individual, independent works because of the different background „settings“. The composition as well as the background are characterized by repetition, rhythm and a picturesque musicality. The motif and „setting“ are formed separately as individual works that finally merge during the printing process. Lines are on top of others or underneath, foreground and background become blurred. The result is a complex, sculptural composition with an atmospheric, narrative density.

In his abstract works, Marco Zumbé deals with fundamental compositional and creative issues of painting, above all with the line as a formative element.

Here he uses unconventional materials from areas of commercial art or interior design. Zumbé works on unprimed canvas with marker pens, uses screen printing or he layers plastic sheets that he paints and mixes with textiles. These techniques serve to deconstruct his compositions, which he fans out in several levels and reassembles to get to the bottom of them.